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Gizmo trucker hat
Gizmo trucker hat

Gizmo Worldwide

Gizmo Worldwide represents a fusion of skateboard culture and streetwear, where each garment tells a story of creativity, movement, and street expression. Founded in Sweden, this brand aims to create clothing that not only withstands the pulse of the city but also highlights the wearer's unique style and personality. Gizmo is more than just clothing; it is part of a larger cultural movement that celebrates music, skateboarding, art, and creativity.


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Individuals associated with Gizmo:

Melissa Zabihi - artist and skateboarder.

Oscar Berg - artist and skateboarder.

Mandus Berg - musician and skateboarder.

Viduc Truong - skateboarder and photographer.

Sofie Vollemörk - skateboarder.

Fauna GBG - Music collective organizing underground parties.

Tarantism GBG - Organizers of underground house and techno parties.


Fauna, a music collective based in Gothenburg that also organizes clubs and festivals. A mini capsule collection was created with Fauna in the fall of 2023. The collection includes Tye Die printed Gizmo garments, such as t-shirts and hoodies, and more collaborations are coming in 2024. Stay tuned!

Gizmo Worldwide - For the street culture, built to last!